Adidas Essential Weight Lifting Belt



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The Adidas Essential Weight Lifting Belt is perfect for getting targeted support to your lower back and core so you can maximise your lifting ability. For your comfort and convenience, it has a strong hook and loop system and an off-centred buckle lever so that the belt can be easily placed into position for unrestricted movement during your workout. The belt has a dense foam core and has been stitched with durability in mind. Incorporating a robust iron loop and seamless roller, the strap of the belt offers maximum abdominal pressure and lumbar reinforcement. **Specification:** – Targeted core and lumbar support – Ideal for weightlifting – Easily levered into position – Strong hook and loop fastening – Dense foam core – Size: XS, S, M, L, XL and XXL – XS: Fits a 24 – 26″ waist – S: Fits a 27 – 29″ waist – M: Fits a 30 – 32″ waist – L: Fits a 33 – 36″ waist – XL: Fits a 37 – 41″ waist – XXL: Fits a 42 – 45″ waist

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