Avento Power Ab Roller Black



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Train your abs easily and effectively with the Avento Power Ab-Roller fitness wheel.Exercising with this fitness wheel not only strengthens your abdominal muscles, but also ensures that you work your muscles in your back, chest, arms and shoulders.Thanks to its design, you can easily determine the intensity of your training yourself.In addition, the abdominal muscle trainer offers the opportunity to slowly build up your training.The handles and wheel are textured surface for extra grip and comfort and so that the exercises can be performed correctly.To start, kneel and roll the wheel forward and back again.The further you roll out the training wheel, the heavier the exercise.Once you’re accustomed to using the power wheel, perform the exercise again with straight legs.- plastic wheel.- rubber tyre.- steel pipe on the inside with synthetic anti-slip handles.- diameter wheel 17 cm.- weight approx.440 grams.

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