Lifespan Fitness Pro Stretchmaster Exercise Bench Sp1000



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Stretch machine for the best stretching experience The LifeSpan Fitness Stretching Machine is ideal for stretching exercises. It has a thick, comfortable seat cushion with an oversized knee pad for deeper stretches. The seat cushions moves forwards and backwards so you can do various exercises, like hip and hamstring stretches, quad stretches, hip and groin stretches, back stretches, shoulder stretches and abdominal stretches. Stretching exercising do lots of wonders for your body. It keeps your body flexible and strong, it helps to improve your posture, it can be used to combat chronic pain, it reduces the risk of muscle pain, it accelerates injury recovery, it enhances athletic performance, it calms the mind and relieves stress and it regains and maintains full range of joint motion. There’s every reason to get right to it. Convenient built-in placard with illustrations and explanation of the stretching exercises The Stretching Machine is fitted with two handy wrist straps at the

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