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The HXGN Weight Lifting Straps are an ideal way to help you lift more, focus on technique and build strength. To use, just slide a strap over each wrist and wrap the loose ends round your barbell, dumbbell or pull-down bar and then grip it. This helps attach the weight to your wrists and hands. Without using lifting straps you could use a lot of effort in keeping a firm grip, particularly if your palms get sweaty. This reduces how much you can lift or how many reps you can do. By using the lifting straps, you can eliminate the limiting effects of loose grip and can concentrate on lifting heavier weight and increasing your reps. The straps also help you target the muscles you intend to hit rather than unintentionally straining your wrists and forearms. These straps are ideal for deadlifts, shrugs, rows and more. They are suitable for users of all abilities from novice to seasoned weight lifters. Each HXGN lifting strap is 58cm long and 4cm wide, so they are suitable for all wrist

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