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KROM Pop Kendama – this high-quality and perfectly designed Kendama string toy is appropriate for people of all skill levels. Whether you are a learning beginner or a skilled expert, this Kendama string pack is just the right size. Originating somewhere during the early 18th century, this Kendama classic toy is the product of Japanese art. Players are experts in doing various tricks with this Kendama for kids and adults and can become a popular master of Kendama arts.The Kendama Pop model has a perfectly smooth texture with flawless balance, made to let you have a perfect experience. The spike design of the perfectly balanced ball string game enables it to be used by both the left and right hands. Features: KROM BL shape ken in beech wood with triangle sticker. Skinny Spike, Wide Tama Bevel & Large Cups KROM Scope Is The Perfect Line For Tracking The Hole 60mm rubber clear coated black beech wood tama, 30% white scope with “KROM” tracking stripe. Custom box and stickers. Material: A

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Krom Kendama