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The workout options of a strength station can be expanded easily with added accessories for an even more complete workout.This Tunturi 35 cm.Rotating Straightbar, for example.The short bar is ideal for exercises with a narrow grip, such as rows, triceps push downs or lat pulldowns.The straight weight bar can be attached by putting a snap hook on a chain or cable.For exercises with a wider grip there is also a 51 cm.version available.The benefits of the Tunturi Revolving Straightbar – Straight weight bar.- Easy to use and therefore suitable for both beginners and advanced strength athletes.- Ideal for increasing the options of a strength station.- Use for various different exercises.- Synthetic buttons ensure that your hands do not slide off the bar.Order this Tunturi Rotating Straightbar and work out your upper body!.Overview specifications.- Length straight weight bar:35 cm.- Ø 30 mm.- Weight:1.5 kg.- Maximum weight:100 kg.- With ring-hook closure.- Excludes hook.- Bearings.- Color:Black.Chrome.- Material:Metal.Synthetic.- Also available in a 51 cm.version.

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