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Do you use a strength station and do you want to increase the workout options and postures of your home gym? Then order this Tunturi 51 cm.Rotating Straightbar.Ideal for strengthening the muscles in your upper body with exercises such as the triceps pushdown, lat pulldown and seated pulley row.The weight bar is easily attached to a cable or chain using a snap hook.The synthetic buttons prevent your hands from sliding off the bar.The weight bar is also available with a 35 cm.length.The benefits of the Tunturi Revolving Straightbar – 51 cm.- Easy to use for both beginners and advanced.- Increase the workout options of a strength station.- Ideal for working out the upper body and suitable for exercises with a wide grip.Order this 51 cm.long Tunturi Revolving Straightbar and put your upper body to work!.Overview specifications.- Length weight bar:51.4 cm.- Ø 30 mm.- Maximum weight:100 kg.- Weight:2.2 kg.- With ring-hook closure (without hook).- Bearings.- Color:Chrome.Black.- Material:Metal.Synthetic.- Also available with a 35 cm.length.

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