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Would you like to train your triceps using a strength station? If so, then attach this Tunturi Triceps Bar Rubber with a snap hook to your home gym’s cable and put those triceps to work.This accessory is specially designed for exercises such as the triceps pushdown and the triceps extension.The handle has a rubber layer, which ensures a firm grip during a workout.The triceps pressdown bar is very robust and durable.The benefits of the Tunturi Triceps Bar Rubber – Triceps pressdown bar – Rubber.- Easy to attach and use.- Suitable for strength athletes of all levels.- Increase the workout options and postures of a strength station.- Special shape for training the triceps.- With sturdy rubber handle for a comfortable and secure grip.Attach this Tunturi Triceps Bar to a strength station and treat your triceps to a workout.Order it now!.Overview specifications.- Dimensions (LWH):32.5 x 6.6 x 19.4 cm.- Ø 30 mm.- Weight:1.8 kg.- Each.- Maximum weight:100 kg.- With ring-hook closure (hook not included).- Color:Chrome.Black.- Material:Metal.Rubber.

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