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The innovative CoreBalance Technology ensures a joint-gentle workout Get in shape with the E2i Elliptical Crosstrainer. With as much as 20 resistance levels and 20 incline levels, you seriously put your calves, quads and glutes to work, exercises your stamina and you slim down. **Key Features** – Optimal stride length of 50 cm for a very comfortable movement – Adjustable angle of inclination – Very stable and robust device: product weight 94 kg – Many pre-programmed training options – Includes heart rate monitor with chest strap The way you exercise with the E2i Elliptical Crosstrainer has limited impact on your joints, partly due to the innovative CoreBalance Technology. This technique uses integrated pedal sensors to measure the precise amount of pressure and weight each leg puts on the pedals. This way imbalances during the exercise are immediately identified. The date is shown on the console, to let you know if you exercise in a right and healthy way. The CoreBalance Technology

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