Lifespan Fitness Elliptical Cross Trainer E3i+



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The LifeSpan Elliptical Crosstrainer E3i+ is a unique elliptical with the patented CoreBalance Technology. This technology registers irregularities in your training movement. Special sensors in the foot pedals measure the amount of pressure on the foot pedals, exerted from your legs and display this directly on the console of the elliptical. This ensures your training movement is always symmetrical and reduces the risk of injuries and a sore back and joints. **Key Features** – Optimal stride length of 50 cm for a very comfortable movement – Adjustable angle of inclination up to 20% – Very robust and sturdy device: product weight 94 kg – Double rails for even more stability – Includes heart rate monitor with chest strap The elliptical offers you a challenging workout with 20 resistance levels and a gradient level up to 20%. Training with a high gradient level effectively trains your calf muscles, quadriceps and hamstrings. You can train with 21 different training programs and two

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