Spokey Egir 10 Kg Adjustable Dumbbell 2 Units Black 10kg



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Elliptical cross trainers are devices especially recommended by professionals and home users because they are very safe for the joints. Regular exercise on elliptical cross trainers allows you to quickly burn fat and improve overall condition. Thanks to the transfer of the flywheel to the front part of the Spokey LOTUS + cross trainer, the position of the feet during training is more natural, which increases the comfort of using the product. Moreover, it is much smaller than other elliptical cross trainers!The Spokey LOTUS + elliptical trainer is an effective home training:- LOTUS + is an excellent choice for those who do not like to work out in a gym full of people or in pouring rain and prefer to train at home. With the elliptical cross trainer, you can exercise whenever you want! Thanks to the OPTIMIZED POWER technology, the 7-kg flywheel works like an 8 kg wheel, which makes training even more effective and comfortable. The mechanical resistance with eight levels, manual adjustment ensures smooth operation of the elliptical cross trainer. The number of levels allows you to adjust the resistance to your current condition, individual needs or training plan.- The Spokey LOTUS + elliptical cross trainer is a home cardio equipment that is perfect for people who want to strengthen the whole body. During training, both the lower and upper muscles are involved, with particular emphasis on the calves, buttocks and the shoulder girdle. Exercises on the cross trainer are similar to exercises on a stationary bike, however, due to the design of the device, they put less strain on the joints. Thanks to this, it can be used by both people in good shape and seniors or people undergoing rehabilitation.Quality and modern technology:- The Spokey LOTUS + elliptical trainer is a small construction made of the highest quality materials, which will be perfect for home exercises. Built-in transport rollers make it easy to move the equipment. LOTUS + also allows you to measure training time, speed, distance traveled, number of calories burned or total mileage. Thanks to the built-in heart rate sensor, you do not need additional devices to exercise safely and effectively. High durability and the selection of materials used will make the equipment serve for years. The Spokey LOTUS + elliptical is also equipped with a place for a water bottle!Specifications:- Flywheel: 7 kg- OPTIMIZED POWER: technology that makes the flywheel work like a wheel weighing 8 kg,- Measurements: time, speed, distance, calories, total distance, pulse,- Number of resistance levels: 8, manual adjustment- Dimensions: 96 x 62 x 156 cm,- Type of resistance: mechanical,- Legs spacing: min. 18 cm,- Flywheel between the legs,- Place for a water bottle.- Type – mechanical- Flywheel weight – 7 kg- Foot spacing – min. 18 cm

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