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Sit comfortablyIt is important to have a good posture when working out on an exercise bike. If you are not comfortable, you often automatically and unconsciously take a different position. As a result, you risk getting muscle pain or even an injury. The Tunturi Comfort Seat ensures that you are comfortable and balanced at all times. It’s a large, gel-filled seat that absorbs the movement of your workout routine. With this, you will never sit too hard or too soft. In addition, the larger surface area ensures that your weight is distributed proportionally across the saddle deck. This prevents saddle pain and creates a pleasant workout.Benefits- Easy to assemble with the universal saddle system.- Absorbs any bumps during workouts.- Filled with gel for extra comfort.UniversalThe seat has a universal saddle system, making it suitable for almost all Tunturi exercise bikes. The included instructions make it easy to assemble. Thus, you can get on your new seat within minutes.

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