Embermann Grill Master 3 Burner Barbecue with Side Burner


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It does not matter how you spell it BBQ, Barbeque or Barbecue everyone loves garden cooking and Al Fresco dining. Whether you are cooking a quick sneaky burger or a hot dog for yourself or catering for a full house and garden of hungry guests the Embermann Grill Master is more than a match for the challenge. The Grill Master from Embermann is a great 3 burner gas barbecue. The barbeque is constructed of high-quality powder-coated cold-rolled steel, the lid is fitted with a thermometer and the handle is made of a specially selected SUS201 heat resistant stainless steel. The large cooking grill is coated for ease of cleaning and increased longevity, the flame tapers ensure that there are no hot spots and that food cooks evenly and does not get charred. The Grill Master also has a self-igniting side burner that gives you the flexibility to cook fried onions, corn on the cob, even baked beans or any other side or condiment you may fancy. The side burner has a lid so when not in use it can

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