PROIRON Ab Roller Wheel with FREE Extra Thick Knee Pad Mat


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The PROIRON AB Roller Wheel is one of the simplest and quickest targeted exercise devices to strengthen your abdominal muscles. To use, simply grab hold of the handles, and glide the wheels back and forth across the floor. At various points during the exercise, you’ll work every major upper body muscle group as your torso adjusts to the movements. Your knee is protected by the FREE extra think pad. Due to the clever collapsible design of the PROIRON Ab Roller Wheel you can use it anywhere, the 4 wheels and top-quality bearings in a triangular layout offer a quiet and stable roll. The foam handles provide a comfortable grip so you can concentrate on good form. The PROIRON Ab Roller Wheel provides a tough (but rewarding) full body workout wherever you are! At home, at the gym, outside or even in the office! The sophisticated design and quality of the materials used, make the PROIRON ab roller a premium quality product. It is lightweight, portable, and suitable for both beginners and more

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