Power Band – Medium Resistance | 40kg



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⚠️Power bands are the perfect way to take your workout to the next level. Power resistance bands are very useful as an aid in practicing pull ups, but are also used to target a specific muscle group in exercises such as benching, squatting & deadlifting. These Power Bands are a good addition for powerlifting and a perfect fit for cross training. ⚠️ This strength resistance band is widely used by professional athletes and is therefore a necessity to take your training to the next level. Power bands are also known as: Pull up Bands, Strength Bands, Super Resistance Bands, Powerlifting Bands or Super Exercise Band. Perfect fit for Cross training Power Resistance Bands are a perfect fit for cross training and are therefore used for multiple exercises. As with all resistance bands, the sky is the limit! There are infinite ways to use this set of Power Bands in your training regime, put together your favorite exercises and come up with the best work out! Available in 3 resistance

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