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The Reebok Deck is a great way to perform your strength and cardiovascular workout in the comfort of your own home. Exercising through step workouts is proven to improve cardiovascular fitness and this essential piece of home gym equipment lets you adjust the height and angle of the step to suit your preferred positioning. The height can be adjusted to either 20cm or, for a more intensive workout, 35cm. In addition, the deck can be adjusted to its bench position allowing strength training either with the included resistance tube, or with barbells and dumbbells (not included). The Reebok deck has 16 possible configurable positions and allows in excess of 400 different exercises to be performed on one single piece of equipment. Besides being strong and portable, the beauty of the deck is that it easily transforms from a cardio step exerciser to a strength bench, saving you space and enabling you to work every muscle in your body through one simple piece of

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