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The Reebok Studio Deck is a multi-functional piece of exercise equipment which allows you to perform effective cardio workouts through aerobic step exercises. However, it also easily converts into a weight bench with flat, incline and decline positions so you can add strength training to your workout too. It comes fully assembled so no self assembly is needed. When used as a step, its platform is 20cm high which is ideal for low-impact aerobic exercise. If you want a more intense workout, just open up the integral feet to increase the height of the platform to 35.5cm. You can also add dumbbells and resistance tubes to your step exercises to really build up the calorie count and get that body toned at the same time. The platform of the Deck can easily be pulled up using the click and lock mechanism to provide a bench. The height of the bench can be adjusted by having the feet of the Deck in the open or closed position. In bench mode, the backrest has three angled positions as well as a

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