Xiaomi Fed High-end Adjustable Dumbbell 2-10 Kg Black 10 kg



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Save space with this convenient adjustable dumbbell. Thanks to its easy weight switch system, you can adapt your dumbbell to different exercises and series. It’s perfect to train at home, but it also has the ideal size to move it around easily, so you can train wherever you want.Adjustable:- This dumbbell includes a weight switch system that allows adjusting it to any exercise. Just turn the wheel and select a weight – when you lift the dumbbell the discarded weights will remain on the tray.Versatile:- You can use this dumbbell for any kind of strength training exercise: lunges, shoulder press, bench press, deadweight, snatch, etc.Ergonomic:- The bars are covered with foam for a firm and comfortable grip.Specifications:- Content: 8 1.25-kg plates, 1 dumbbell, 1 tray- Materials: steel bar and plates with iron alloy and sand with polyethylene (PE) coating- Dumbbell length: 50.5 cm- 1.25 kg plate size: 15.5 x 3.5 cm- Weight: 10 Kg

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