Teq™ One Table – Multifunctional Sports Equipment – Outdoor/indoor



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The soul of Teqball is the table: revolutionary new sports equipment that took over two years of testing and research to arrive at its definitive, innovative and advanced form. The net is firm, so the ball bounces on it and the dream of uninterrupted play has come true. The structure of the TEQ table, in accordance with the rules in force, leaves no room for luck or chance in the game; players can only rely on their skills and abilities. Dimensions: 3000x1700x900mm The TEQ ONE table is a multifunctional sports equipment. The curve in the table makes the ball land with the players every time and gives the game a continuous, enjoyable character for all ages and genders as well as for people with different abilities. It is also suitable for people with disabilities. The table lends itself to the practice of 5 different sporting activities: 1. Teqball, the football variant 2. Teqvoly, the volleyball variant 3. Qatch, the handball variant 4. Teqis, the tennis variant 5. Teqpong, the table

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